1. Title document/ Proof of ownership
    • Evidence of land ownership/title document duly certified by Lands Bureau which could be.
      • Certificate of Occupancy/Land CertificateGovernors Consent to lease or Assignment/Land Conveyance/any other instrument recognized by Law.
      1 Sun print copy of Survey planEvidence of payment of Land Use Charge or Ground Rent where applicable
    • Stamp Duty, Purchase Receipt
  2. Drawings: Drawings prepared must be in A3 paper size. Hard (spiral bound) and soft copy of the following sets of drawings must be submitted.
    • 5 sets of Architectural Drawing signed and sealed by ARCON Registered Architect
    • 5 sets of Structural Drawing (including letter of supervision/structural stability and calculation sheet) signed and sealed by COREN registered Structural Engineer. (Mechanical and Electrical Drawings are also mandatory for some categories of Development Proposals)
    • Report of soil tests are needed for structures that are above four floors and areas with poor sub-soil or close to water bodies.
  3. Tax Papers: Evidence of payment of company and personal taxes viz.
    • For companies and corporate bodies:
      • Company Tax Clearance Certificate (CTC)
      • E-Tax Clearance Certificates for two (2) Directors
      • Evidence of P.A.Y.E returns and
    • For individuals, current E-Tax Clearance Certificate (e-TCC)
  4. Clearance Letters:
    • Police Report for Petrol and Gas filling stations, etc.
    • Fire Service Report in case of application for Petrol, Gas filling stations etc.
    • Directorate of Petroleum Resources Report (DPR) for petrol and Gas filling Stations etc.
    • Letters of clearance from the following Government Agencies duly certified (Where Applicable). These include:
      • Land use and Allocation Directorate- For all State Lands and Government Schemes
      • Land services department- for Governor’s Consent and subsequent transaction on Landed properties.
      • Ministry of Transportation
    • Metro line Clearance- in case of properties within the proposed metro line alignment.
    • Traffic Impact Assessment Clearance- for traffic generating development.
    • Office of the Drainage, Ministry of Environment – for applications within drainage alignment, gorge, flood plains, rivers/water bodies, lagoons, shoreline, etc.
    • Lagos State Urban Renewal Authority – for applications which falls within Urban Renewal Schemed Areas
    • Lagos State Surveyors General’s Office- for applications that fall within acquisition, revocation, and excision areas.
    • New Towns Development Authority Letter of Confirmation on allocation and Capital Development Contribution
  5. Certificate of Incorporation of the company (Where Applicable)
  6. Two (2) copies of Physical Planning Technical Report (Where Applicable)
  7. Submission of Land Use Planning and Analysis Report
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