Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority

The statutory Responsibilities of LASPPPA according to the Lagos State Physical
Planning Permit Regulations 2019 supplementary to the Lagos State Urban and
Regional Planning and Development Law No. 3 of 2015 as revised are:

 Processing and Issuance of all Planning Permits in Lagos State.

 Preparation of Development Guide Plans for Excised Villages and Action Area
Plans for other areas existing without Layout Plans within the State.

 Enforcement of the provision of the Physical Development Regulations in
collaboration with the Lagos State Building Control Agency to achieve zero
tolerance of illegal developments.

 Periodic compilation of approved Development Permits for official gazetting
through the Cabinet Office.

 Evaluation and clearance of Physical Planning Technical Reports.

 Post Construction Audit of Special Applications for conformity check.

 Organizing Stakeholders’ Interactive Sessions on Physical Planning and
Development issues within the State.

 Monitoring of the implementation of Operative Physical Development Plans
through Monitoring & Compliance Unit.

 Recommending to the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development on
the desirability for the review of Operative Physical Development Plans e.g.
(Regional Plans, Master Plans, Model City Plans, etc.)

 Archiving & retrieval of granted Planning Permits

 Data collection, collation and documentation for planning studies and technical
research as well as compelling related matters


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